About Me/Us

Hi, I’m Dave (or DJ as I have often been known. Call me whichever you want!) I’m 35. I’m British but living in Germany. I became a Dad in December 2012. Yes, that’s me in the picture (in Greece in 2010).

Poseur maybe, but I like the picture! Very dramatic!

(Right, that’s the quickfire facts done!)

I’m married to M. (that’s what I call her in my journal, and so that will stay) and we have a cheery little fella we call Sunshine (the story of how that nickname came about is too long to tell!). Here he is:


As a stay-at-home father (I work from home), I’ve been immersed in this parenting thing for almost a year. I see Sunshine every day and live through all the triumphs and catastrophes. Thank goodness for the Internet – blogs and websites have helped us more than you can believe! And us chaps/guys/blokes are often lost and sometimes even ignored in this world of babies and parenting. We’re considered outsiders who should just get on with working and leave things to the mother.

But hey, it’s our baby too, so why shouldn’t we get involved? This is why I decided to create the blog. To offer help from my own experience to expectant fathers/new fathers, and to allow friends and family to look at little Sunshine as he grows!

Welcome to Life in the Sunshine!


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