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Right, this is basically an appeal to common sense. However, it’s also a minefield of opinions and sensitivities. We’re talking about vaccinations.

A friend called us recently as her daughter was about to be vaccinated. She was worried. Could she really let somebody else jab a needle into her daughter? Should she believe what she had read on the Net? What should she do?

My message was and is simple. What do you want? A quick jab and a bit of screaming? Or your child catching one of the nasty scourges that the vaccination stops, crying continuously, getting fevers…paint your own picture of what could happen…

Sure, it was painful to M and myself when poor little Sunshine had a needle stuck into his leg. Nothing you could do. His unblemished skin was now changed forever. Yes, he screamed, yes he got an increased temperature for a day. Yes, it was unpleasant. But that’s that. That’s it for hepatitis, polio, measles and the rest of it.

I was not vaccinated against mumps. I caught it when I was 5. Since that time (31 years ago), I have been half deaf as a result. I could have been completely deaf or sterile. That is not going to happen to Sunshine.

I am not trying to preach – I am simply appealing to your common sense. The benefits outweigh the risks massively. Talk to your doctor if you are worried. But please, do this thing for your child. The possible consequences if you don’t are too awful to think about.