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Yes, yes, I know. It’s been positively ages since I last put fingers to key in the blog cause. There has been a mass of stuff going on, the weather has been scorchingly hot and young Sunshine has been quite a handful. Also, life just goes on, and regular readers will notice that things will start to concentrate more on the present than the past. After all, pregnancy and the birth are a good 7 months ago now and life with a baby is something which changes and develops every day.

So, what’s happened? Well, Sunshine is now on to three meals a day. The lunchtime meal is still veg + potato + meat (pork has worked very well), evening has been semolina, sometimes with some puréed apple, although we’ve tried some instant oatflakes as well. And then came the third meal, firstly tried in the afternoon, but then deemed more sensible for mornings. We’re still trying to decide exactly what to do for the meal, although it’s some kind of grain product with fruit, as the guides suggest. We tried some puréed strawberries as the fruit, but they were a little sour, so now we’re moving on to nectarines (although apple has always worked).

He’s also got into the habit of moving, which is, of course great, but can be somewhat trying. It took us 6 or so months to get him to roll over, and now it’s as if his centre of gravity has shifted and no sooner is he laid on his back, than he’ll roll over and support himself on his arms. The periods of support are slowly getting longer, although his little arms are still not able to support him for more than about 15 seconds at a time. He’s not mastered rolling back again yet, so he gets quite frustrated after a while. Of course, with the temperatures being what they currently are, he gets sweaty and even more frustrated…. As such, it’s no longer safe to put him on narrow surfaces, knowing he’ll just lay there and gurgle. Nope, it’s down and roll now… And soon we know that it’ll be time to get the house safe when he begins to coordinate his limbs and starts to move….

In addition, he’s had his vaccinations against various nasty bugs and complaints. This is a subject I do want to deal with in a separate post, as it is an important one and one with not a little controversy. Luckily, that’s a weight off our mind for the time being.

We’ve also changed our car to good, solid “family vehicle”. A wonderful thing to have so much space to store things in. That may seem boring to those without children, but as soon as you have offspring, you understand just how much stuff a child requires. Especially a tiny tot. Of course, it was a bit of a wrench to say goodbye to the old VW Golf, which had taken us all over Europe, was there on our wedding day and on the day of Sunshine’s birth, but such things must be. And now we can get the pram in without piling stuff up and the tinted windows at the back help to keep the sun off Sunshine.

So, there it is. Those a few of the changes we’ve been experiencing recently. Many of my other projects have been completed now and so I intend to devote more time to the Babysunshineblog. 🙂

For now though, here’s a picture of young Sunshine on his 7-month “birthday”!