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Here’s an update on the food situation.

We’ve been through various combinations of foodstuffs with Sunshine. Some have been successful, some not. So, here are some suggestions and ideas for you. Don’t forget that your own situation may be different, so these are only suggestions!

If you remember rightly, we started with parsnip, then moved on to pumpkin. The pumpkin was not a success, so we left that one behind. Carrots were more successful, although sweet potato wasn’t. You’ve really got to let the little one show the way. If they don’t like it (and they’ll show you that they don’t!), then stop feeding immediately. Of course, you can try the next day, but if you get repeated showing of distaste, then put that food on the shelf marked “Experience”. (Don’t forget that you’ve got years to reintroduce it, in flavoured forms, in the future…)

I then added potato, to up bulk and add some carbs to Sunshine’s food. That worked pretty well, although the starchy consistency did tend towards lumpiness! But then I actually started digesting (appropriate choice of word there!) the information I had been reading and put a little sunflower oil in the next batch of carrot and potato.

Voom! Hot cakes have nothing on this! Sunshine wolfed it down and even seemed to enjoy it (I also got praise from M., who said it was the same consistency as if out of a jar!). As such, we repeated this formula a couple of times, and then it was time to add meat.

Why meat? Well, unless you’re a vegetarian, and want to avoid such things (which is, of course, perfectly fine if you are), then meat is a good way to add protein and minerals, such as that essential iron. By 6 months on breast milk only, the little one will be more or less iron-free, so you want to start building that up again. We started with a little bit of beef, mixed in with the parsnip and potato.

And then, again, I read some more stuff and added a drop of juice (apple), which helped to add smoothness and some vitamin C. Once again, the purée went down well and we’ve moved a step forward. Today, we tried chicken rather than beef, and he seemed to enjoy it.

So, a few ground rules we’ve learned:- Stick to a few simple foods and then develop your “repertoire” gradually.
– If they don’t like it, don’t force it.
– Remember those vitamins and minerals. Bubba will thank you for it. 🙂
– Consistency is important – the smoother it is, the better. Just use a blender and all will be well!