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Sorry everyone that I haven’t been in touch for so long. Life has been tricky recently, with my PC more or less collapsing on me and going in for repair. But I shall be in touch more regularly from now on, as there’s lots to tell!

But first, it’s time for celebration – our Sunshine has reached the grand old age of 6 months. It seems quite amazing that all the worries and all the anxieties are all more than half a year in the past.

Would we want those 6 months back? No. I can’t honestly say we would. It was all quite a change and a real strain on the nerves. These days, things are much quieter and regular. Sunshine’s eating more and more puréed food, talking to us (in his own inimitable way…) and things are slowly changing in the mobility department.

But for now, let’s just revel in getting through the first six months!DSC07536