So, the last night of our trip is at hand. The weather DID improve and we’ve learned a lot. Of course, the full travel report is still to come, but we can certainly say that we’ve learned about Sunshine and about ourselves.

I would say that the key thing is confidence. After the terrors of Day #1, things improved greatly. Sunshine started sleeping more (for no less than 10 hours from Sunday to Monday!), we got the babyphone to earn its keep and applied the key parenting skill – improvisation!

In addition, a key aspect is to stop considering everyone else as hostile. That was probably our main problem at the beginning: the consideration that everyone was looking askance at us because Sunshine was not constantly a bouncing baby. Once we started talking to them, we realised that, not only did they not mind, but that they sympathised with us!

Also, such a trip makes you realise what you are capable of doing. Today, as we were armed with the pram,changing bag and sufficient nappies, we left the car behind and caught the ferry to the next town. Spent a couple of hours there and got the train back. Hey, this was doable!

So, that’s enough for now. We’re off home tomorrow, and I’ll be able to post in full about the trip!