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So, after Sunshine actually going off to sleep properly again, we’ve hit a snag.

For some reason, he’s getting tired around 6.20 (earlier than previously), then, when we put him to bed, he screams the place down, making us feel pretty flippin’ awful. It takes a LONG time to calm him down again, by which time, one or both of us is close to madness and jumping off the balcony. (I told you screams got to you.)

And then, for the last two nights, he’s also been up regularly, meaning M. has got little sleep (last night he wanted feeding every hour apparently). Could this be a growth spurt or a development spurt (he keeps starting as if someone’s attached jump leads to him)?

Is it maybe time to start to introduce the Ferber method of getting him to sleep (which will give us several days of unbearable screaming in the evenings, and that’s just from M. and myself…)? Or is there some other way to get around this?
By the way, you’ll now notice that I’ve mostly dealt with stuff from the past (there is MORE of that to come though…) and we’re now down to nitty-gritty, everyday stuff. Please comment if you’ve got some ideas, but this is not boding well for our trip away….