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Many of these posts may make me sound like some kind of angel with endless tolerance. However, as I have written before, crying and screaming can send you nuts. And, last night, it did.

I was trying to proof-read a text, M. was putting Sunshine to bed, but he wasn’t having it. He screamed and bawled and eventually I had him in here and tried to calm him down. It didn’t work. It was agony for my one functioning ear (I’m half-deaf, if I haven’t mentioned that before) and frustrating and irritating. If he was tired, then he should drop off and dream of…hm, whatever babies dream of. But he wasn’t.

And then my manners kicked in. I was talking calmly to him and suddenly he screamed at me as if I had just threatened to drop-kick him from the balcony. I pointed out to him that I was talking and he should be polite and listen. However, the frustration took over and that became something like “Be quiet BECAUSE I AM *TALKING*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

As soon the words had left my mouth, I felt awful. Naturally, Sunshine screamed and wailed at the noise, M. promptly appeared and took him off to calm him down and I felt like a worm. Of course, he got a kiss and apology and seemed to have forgotten the entire incident by this morning.

But I hadn’t, and so here, for all to see, is my confession – it can happen to the best of us.