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This was a world which was new to me before Sunshine came along. I kept hearing of a swaddling cloth (or Pucktuch in German), but had no idea what it was. For me, swaddling was someting that happened to the baby Jesus at Christmas and that was about it.

But what is swaddling? It’s wrapping a baby up tightly in a cloth to give the impression of still being in the womb. Babies remember that as a place of safety and it calms them down. However, whilst you’re still learning HOW to swaddle, it can make them scream, but that comes with the territory! We had a set of cloths given to us by M.’s parents but many of them just didn’t work as they should (they were just too stiff and didn’t stretch).

Amazon came to the rescue (a kind gift from our friend Carmen!) and a real swaddling cloth. It’s elasticy and could be pulled around Sunshine and did indeed work. Poor chap, he did look like a little parcel – but it did work. One of the funniest photos is of him, swaddled, on the floor:


Swaddling isn’t easy (particularly as, if the baby’s crying, you haven’t got long to do it in before the child goes nuts at being manhandled in this way). As such, YouTube helped out and thanks go to this guy for explaining the technique:

(Gosh, Sunshine was that small…amazing what 4 1/2 months can do!). The down-up-down-up sequence is spot on, as is his comment about sticking with it, even if the baby doesn’t like it. Soon after tucking in the cloth at the back, Sunshine would calm down.

So there ya go, that’s swaddling. To close, there is a funny little video I want to link to – I did try this, but failed and so stuck with the other method. Enjoy!